At our in-house production facility, sublimation is done with precision and accuracy. Learn everything you need to know about the process and see it in action in our production facility.

Step 1: Mock-up designs

As always, everything starts off by our team mocking everything up to make sure that everything is nice and clean and exactly how you want it. In the process of summation, it’s a heat transfer process where we will take it from the computer to the printer. 

Step 2: The process of summation

We’ll print the sheets of paper, we’ll grab that sheet, then move over to the shear and heat press to get everything working for you. So depending on if you’re doing name tags or if you are doing plaques, the process is slightly different. Sometimes on metals, we’ll also have some pre-cut disks, but let’s say you’d have to cut pieces of metal to apply on the sheet of sublimated paper. It would be done around shear. Here we’ve got a selection of metals that we use. Summation metal is a specific metal, but we’ve got a few selection of colors and shades for you. 

Step 3: Ready for presentation


Once it’s all cut, you take that piece of metal, you apply it on the sublimated paper, you tape the edge off with the heat resistant tape. You move the heat press over. You put the piece in there, you take the press, you close it down, you wait for about a minute. Once it beeps, you pop it up, you grab the piece out of here, you let it cool down for a bit. Once it’s cooled down, you can actually take it from the sheet of paper. So you take the piece of metal, whether they’re disc name tags, you take it apart, and then sometimes it needs to be cut back on the shear to size. In an instance of name tags or sports trophies, little plates needs to be cut down to size. 


Then we move over to side to side here with the two-way tape machine where you adjust the length of piece, gives you a small piece, you’ll apply it for the back, and then depending on with if it’s a name tag, for example, you’ll we’ll apply the magnet backing or the pin backing at this step. 


Instead of doing a two-way tape, or if it’s the trophies, then we’ll take the piece of metals with the tape at the back and apply it directly to the plaque. That’s pretty much it.


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