Stationary & Pens

Stationery and Pens Aren’t Just for Writing Anymore!

Personalized stationery and pens are great promotional items as well as gifts.

When we think of pens, we often consider utility. We merely need to write, so we don’t pay much attention to what we buy.

Yet, pens and stationery have become the hippest way to advertise your brand. They are the gift of choice for those in the know.

From practical use to a luxury item, the right pen says it all.

How Did Stationery and Pens Get so Popular?

We live in the golden age of penmanship. There were never so many eye-catching styles of writing instruments available. Metal pens, light-up pens, and even antimicrobial pens that protect against bacteria.

Stationery is also on the stylistic move. The term “stationery” encompasses more than it did in the past. Once we may have considered plain paper with a company logo. Now, there are distinctive variations on this office staple for every occasion. Journals, jotters, and eco-notebooks all have a place at the desk whether we communicate personally or craft a business missive.

Now is the perfect time to promote your brand with an innovative pen and stationery option. With a variety of colours, brand names, and styles, Régimbal offers pen and stationery options that you may have never considered.

We turn ordinary writing instruments into extraordinary promotional items or gifts. Régimbal’s expert etchers and engravers are equipped to market your brand for business or pleasure, whichever suits your needs. We can also promote your organization with a variety of stationery items.

Promote Your Business With Unique Stationery and Pens

Personalized stationery and pens can be shared with the public or given as gifts. Here are some of our in-house decorating options.
UV Printing
UV printer technology allows for company logos, images, and slogans to be printed directly onto the curved surfaces of writing instruments. UV Printing is the most used technique for personalized writing products.
Custom engraving by expert engravers on state-of-the-art equipment will make your business stand out. Whether a promotional tool or a gift, with a personal message or name, engraved, this personalized instrument is a one-of-a-kind keepsake.
Silk Screening
Silk screening isn’t just for t-shirts anymore (although we do that too!). Journals and notebooks can be given an extra twist of flair with a custom-designed silkscreen. Your name or that of a loved one, a photograph, or company logo, can all be silkscreened, embossed, or debossed on your notebook of choice.
Laser Engraving
State-of-the-art laser engraving uses beams of light with precise detail to fix an image into your chosen material. Try with a notebook bound in leather, fabric, metal, or acrylic.

Gift Ideas and Promotional Items All in One

A personalized pen or stationery item is a unique and affordable way to expose your business to a broad audience. From luxurious writing instruments to practical products like sticky notes, Régimbal can create a personal branded experience for your organization.

Some of the qualities we guarantee:

  • Craftsmanship – We are expert craftspeople who take pride in our perfection.
  • Innovation – We always try to stay a step ahead of our competition with our techniques and equipment.
  • Distinction – Our personalized gifts will keep your name in the public eye.

Personalized pens and stationery are versatile enough to serve as promotional items as well as gifts. With a little creativity, you can turn a practical office product into a business calling card or token of gratitude.

You can count on Régimbal for:


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