Custom Lamacoids Bring Safety and Efficiency to a Workplace

Régimbal Group has the in-house facilities to fabricate lamacoid labels for specific industrial needs.

Lamacoid tags are fundamental industrial tools that must be constructed to withstand extremes of heat and weather conditions. They must communicate their message clearly and with specificity.

The in-house production at Régimbal Group can rotary engrave, or laser engrave lamacoid tags to meet industrial specifications and requirements.

From lighting fixtures to electrical outlets, lamacoids keep workers informed of critical information.

Lamacoid Labels Help Keep Industry Safe

The importance of a well-marked workplace is essential in the industrial sector. Mislabeling or non-labelling can be dangerous to employees and can result in substantial harm to individuals and property. Properly placed lamacoids can reduce that danger by communicating important structural, mechanical, and electrical information.

Lamacoids are primarily used in the industrial sector, such as in the construction, aerospace, mining, civil engineering, and military fields. They can be used as nameplates for electrical panels, for equipment identification, and operator devices such as emergency stops and push buttons.

Lamacoid tags can also be personalized by engraving a company’s name or logo onto the surface.

Multi-layer Plastic Sheets
Lamacoid tags are the product of two or three-ply different coloured rigid resin sheets glued together to make a single, thick sheet. This creates a sturdy, layered plate that is scratch resistant and can be engraved with detail and clarity.
Laser or Rotary Engraved
Rotary engraving is ideal for metal surfaces and deeper engraving, while lamacoid sheets are primarily engraved by laser allowing for great detail with text and symbols. The two or three levels of lamacoid sheets have different colours so that the colour of the bottom layer shows when the top layer is cut through.
Matt or Textured Finish
The type of finish for a lamacoid tag depends on the physical location of its placement. Generally, a mat finish is smooth, making it easy to clean and better for indoor placement. A textured finish guards against fingerprints and scratching, making it more suitable for outdoors.
Many lamacoid labels can be mounted with standard adhesive backing. Some require screws, while others can be fastened with zip ties. 

Standards of Lamacoid Fabrication

Despite the necessity for standard informational and safety-related messages on lamacoid labels, there can also be variation in the style and design of lamacoids. Colour, font, and shape can all be modified, plus the size of lamacoids themselves can vary greatly – from three square inches to however large they need to be.

However, some qualities are customary and traditional with lamacoid nameplates:

Lamacoid Labels Are Everywhere

Lamacoid tags are an indispensable component of the industrial workplace, and anywhere safety or labelling is a factor.
Lamacoid labels are often used for:

  • Room identifiers
  • Electrical panels
  • Switches
  • Plugs
  • Circuits
  • Washroom signs
  • Mechanical fans
  • Health & safety signs
  • Lighting fixtures
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing line identification
  • Legend plates
  • Load charts
  • Directory boards


And dozens of other industrial and professional uses.

Lamacoids are made of non-conductive, UV-stable material that is long-lasting and reliable. For warning signs, identifiers, and informational tags, lamacoids provide an easily customizable way to get a message across clearly and effectively.

The expert bilingual in-house production team at Régimbal Group has the skill and experience to laser engrave industrial lamacoids of any size or shape to withstand the harshest weather or other extreme conditions.

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