Diamond Engraving

Diamond Engraving Gives a Detailed Distinctive Look

Régimbal Group uses diamond engravers for very detail-oriented inscriptions.

Diamond engraving was traditionally performed by hand, which is why it is renowned for its detailed cut. Now it achieves its incision with a diamond-tipped graver attached to a rotary engraver, but with no loss of perfection.

The in-house production team at Régimbal Group has three different diamond engravers that expertly carve flat or cylindrical objects, and also hard metals.

Diamond Engraving Is Different from Other Custom Engraving

Diamond engraving works best for specific materials and specific applications.

Diamond engraving is renowned for the level of detail it can produce, which is why it is perfect for custom engraving on writing instruments, glass trophies, and recognition medals.

The diamond tip of the graver is produced at specific angles and is then used for specific materials. For instance, a ninety-degree angle tip is good for the surface of a pen, while general engraving would use a one hundred twenty-degree angle tip, and soft metals, like silver and gold, would benefit from a one hundred fifty-degree angle.

The angle degree of the diamond tip produces the difference between a very fine mark and a wider stroke, depending on the material being inscribed. Also, diamond engraving does not cut very deep – it should only cut through the surface of the substrate to expose the background color beneath the surface and create a contrast.

The depth the diamond engraver cuts depends upon the amount of pressure used while engraving and the thickness of the surface being engraved. Further, engraved lines might be traced two or three times to ensure their smoothness or to broaden them out.

Uses for Diamond Engraving

Diamond engraving is a very specific method, which is why it works perfectly with some engraving but is impractical for others. However, it is still a versatile application with plenty of uses.
Recognition Awards
Diamond engraving is ideal for inscriptions on personalized plaques, corporate awards, custom glass awards, and other recognition awards. Naturally, diamond engraving is traditional for nameplates on trophies.
Traditional Gifts
Engraved gifts always make for special remembrances, and a diamond engraved inscription can make the gift that much more exceptional. Jewelry – such as the inside of rings and charms for bracelets – jewelry boxes, wine glasses and wine bottles, tankards and flasks, picture frames, and hundreds of different custom engraved gift ideas all benefit from the delicacy of diamond engraving.
Creative Engraving
One of the primary reasons diamond engraving has been popular from the beginning and is still so highly esteemed and sought after is its personalized, handcrafted appearance. This contributes to its application for artistic personalized engraving on such materials as glass, mirror, and smaller personal items like guitar picks, Zippo lighters, and belt buckles.

Diamond Engraving Also Works with Signage

Although diamond engraving works well with personalized engraved gifts and recognition awards, it is also used on signage consisting of:

  • Stainless steel
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Brass/lacquered brass
  • Fiberboard
  • Acrylic
  • Plexiglass
  • Pewter
  • Mild steel
  • And others


Whatever the material used, diamond engraving helps create a finely crafted and distinctive product that will stand the test of time.

The bilingual staff at Régimbal Group can help you choose among items from our well-stocked showroom that work best with diamond engraving, or direct you to our in-house production.

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