Fiber Laser Engraving

CO2 Fiber Laser Engraving Offers the Best of Two Worlds

CO2 and Fiber laser combination laser engraving is a state-of-the-art engraving method that utilizes two cutting edge laser technologies – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and fiber. Fiber laser engraving can incise the deepest detailed inscriptions into a variety of materials including most metals, plastics, organic, and inorganic material. Régimbal group has CO2 and fiber combination laser equipment in-house that can engrave and mark on everything from industrial metals to personal gifts. 

The in-house production team of Régimbal Group uses laser engraving for industrial use and personalized gifts.

Creating a Superior Fiber Laser Engraving Experience

CO2 and Fiber laser combination engraving gives us the possibility to engrave almost anything.

Fiber laser engraving is one of the most recent developments in laser engraving technology and is multifaceted in what it can achieve. With Régimbal featuring two different types of laser systems – CO2 and fiber –, the quality of the cut is unprecedented.

The fiber laser operates on a light pulse which is speed-adjusted to control the depth of engraving and speed of the cut. This allows it to produce a deeper cut and to engrave hundreds of characters per second. 

The CO2 laser is known for its ability to easily cut through and engrave through organic compounds found in plastics and ceramics that other equipment can’t. 

The combination of the CO2 laser with the fiber laser creates a superior engraving experience that is faster, more powerful, and more diverse than many other methods. 

The strength of CO2 and fiber laser combination engraving means that etching and engraving are not just possible for metals such as aluminum, titanium, and copper, but also on such uncommon materials as wood, cardboard, and rubber.

Benefits of CO2 & Fiber Combination Laser Engraving

There are some advantages our CO2 and fiber combination laser engraver has that makes it stand out in its field, such as:
A fiber laser is formed with silica glass and powered with rare-earth elements which give it a stable and small beam. It cleanly and clearly engraves microscopically small identifiers, such as serial numbers and VINs.
In addition to metal engraving, silver engraving, and most other standard custom engravings, a CO2 and fiber combination laser engraver can engrave and etch materials that other equipment can’t – non-metal materials such as glass, acrylic, cardboard, and fabric, among many others.
Contact-free engraving makes for a smoother, cleaner cut that does not require additional polishing or grinding. Also, since there is no physical contact between the engraver and the material being engraved, there is very little residue to interfere with cutting.

Fiber Laser Engraver Great for Small Identifiers

The power and versatility of our CO2 and fiber combination laser engraver allow us to do what we do best – engrave the highest quality designs and messaging onto a wide variety of metals, plastics, and non-metal materials. Our state-of-the-art engraving equipment allows our in-house production team to carve such detailed items as inscriptions on watches and other jewelry to exact reproductions of photographs. 

Also, our fiber laser engraver can laser etch and mark on such items as: 

  • Mirrors – part identification serial numbers
  • Lapel buttons – logos and other branding identifiers
  • Electronics barcodes and other identifiers to prevent counterfeiting

The Régimbal Group is equipped to inscribe any message on almost any surface in-house with our CO2 and fiber combination laser engraver, and our bilingual staff is ready to help you make that happen.

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