Industrial Signs

Industrial Signs Promote Workplace Health and Safety

Régimbal Group can fabricate the right industrial signs for a company’s safety needs.

Safety is a paramount concern for industrial facilities, and custom industrial signs are an essential element of protection.

Industrial signs are meant to inform employees and visitors of important hazards and precautions, but also specific safety protocols and standards. Industrial signs serve several purposes, but they must always be easy to read and prominently displayed. They must also be OH&S compliant.

From small plastic signs to outdoor building signs, Régimbal Group has a large selection of prefabricated industrial signs to choose from. Plus, our bilingual in-house production team can create visible, durable, and long-lasting health and safety signs for industrial and commercial purposes.

Régimbal Group has the facilities and expertise to produce industrial signs of all sizes, shapes, and types of messaging.

Industrial Signs Need to be Versatile in Form and Function

Industrial signage can take many forms, from safety reminders in the workplace to promotional announcements in a retail location. Whatever the setting or purpose, industrial signs should be designed to communicate an important message as explicitly and briefly as possible.

Sometimes work safety signs will incorporate symbols into the text and sometimes not use words at all. Similarly, sometimes health and safety signs must be multilingual. Custom industrial signs must also be versatile enough for placement in several locations.

Signage should be easily readable whether posted on walls, hanging from ceilings or adhered to floors. Additionally, signage to be walked on, must be durable enough to withstand continual foot traffic. Safety signs and symbols must also fit into, not immediately obvious locations, and still receive the necessary attention.

Industrial signs must make their point clearly and distinctly no matter where they are located.

Industrial Health and Safety Signs Keep Workers and Visitors Aware of Important Company Protocols

Industrial signs can be pre-printed, or custom-made at the Régimbal in-house facilities. Some of the many different types available include:
Safety Signs
  • Water and pool
  • Electrical hazard
  • Confined space
  • Slip, trip, and fall
  • Chemical, gas, and hazardous material
  • Machine and vehicles
  • Hot surface and temperature
Security Signs
  • Surveillance and activities monitored
  • No trespassing
  • No firearms/weapons
  • Camera/video use prohibited
  • No cell phones
Authorized Personnel and Visitor Signs
  • Restricted area
  • All visitors report
  • No admittance
  • Construction site
  • Limited access
  • Please close gate
  • Must wear photo ID
Floor Signs
  • Stop
  • Sound horn
  • Forklift traffic
  • Keep area clear
  • Fire exit
  • No pedestrians

Workplace Selections for Industrial Signs

Industrial signage ranges from small plastic signs to UV-resistant and vinyl floor signs. They can alternate in the message from accident prevention to exit identification.
Sign types can also include:

  • Self-adhesive—securely stick to walls and floors, good for irregular surfaces
  • 2- or 3-Way—wall-mounted or hanging to display a message on multiple sides
  • Floor standing—lightweight, mobile, and attention-getting

Industrial signs draw attention to important safety information, identify mechanical or electrical information, and comply with legal regulations. In retail settings, they can also be used to promote products.

The bilingual staff at Régimbal Group can assist with signage messaging while our in-house production team can create your long-lasting industrial signs.

Contact the bilingual staff at Régimbal Group about keeping the workplace safe with custom industrial signs.

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