Make a Great Impression with Custom Stamps

Custom stamps add a personal or professional touch to letters, invoices, and other important documents.

Whether making a professional impression or adding an element of personal flair, a custom stamp of a company logo or organization’s name is a fast and stylish way to make a mark on correspondence.

Régimbal Group has a wide-ranging selection of stamps for business or personal communication to choose from in our 1,500-square-foot showroom.

We are proud to feature Trodat brand self-inking or pre-inked stamps. Established in 1912, Trodat is a world leader in carbon-neutral and environmentally responsible stamp components.

Whether for personal or professional use, custom rubber stamps provide a distinctive form of brand identification.

Custom Stamps Are Creative Tools to Brand a Business

Rubber stamps are versatile and easy to use. They come in a variety of styles and are suitable for every business or occasion. In addition to hundreds of available popular stock designs, Régimbal can customize stamps to suit an organization’s or individual’s specific requirements.

A business will draw awareness to its brand with customized address stamps that match its letterhead and stationery formatting. For new businesses, or businesses intending to add a personalized touch to documents, creating letterhead with a customized stamp can be an inventive and resourceful idea.

3 Uses for Custom Rubber Stamps

Among several additional uses for stamps are:
Businesses can personalize postcards, leaflets, or business cards with custom logo stamps. They can stamp bags and other items to give away or distribute at trade shows, benefits, and promotional events. Organizations can create business cards by stamping their logo and website address onto blank cards from a large variety of colours.
Customized rubber stamps can synchronize with a company’s professional specialties, which is particularly effective for small or individually owned businesses. For example, a handmade products business (cookies, boutique items) can provide an extra personal touch with a custom stamp label. There are also education-related stamps for teachers. Custom teacher stamps make it easy to let students know when they are doing a great job without having to write it out hundreds of times.
There are also ways to customize stamps for personal use or events. Individuals can have stamps made with a personal signature for placement on documents. Custom Stamps can be used for wedding and baby announcements, birthday greetings, holiday wishes, ex-libris identifiers, crafting, thank you or congratulation messages, and many other personal activities or occasions.

Various Types of Stamps and What They Do

Not only can custom stamps relay many different messages, but there are many different stamp options as well:

  • Pre-inked Stamp: These stamps can be used up to 50,000 times and be refilled for its lifetime. Convenient, precise, and with a more detailed impression than many traditional hand stamps.
  • Self-inked Stamp: Good for quick, repetitive stamping. Self-inked stamps simply require stamping and pressing. They are also good for thousands of uses.
  • Seal Press/Embosser: Embossers and seal presses create a raised impression on documents. Businesses primarily use them for professional purposes, such as for corporate seals and
  • notarizing.

Businesses can personalize any type of document with an official custom stamp of varying colour, size, or shape. Régimbal Group have custom rubber stamps available for the needs of every person, organization, and occasion.

Contact Régimbal Group to ask about our vast collection of pre-designed or custom rubber stamps.

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