Sandblasting Glass Trophies and Other Personalized Engraving

Régimbal Group is a recognition awards specialist that can sandblast prestigious personalized gifts in-house.

When people hear the term sandblasting, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the act of removing old paint from a house or rust from a car. However, skilled craftspeople and artisans know that sandblasting, or sandcarving, is a unique and elegant method of etching and engraving surfaces such as glass, marble, and stone.

Sandblasting creates high value, decorative keepsakes that provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Régimbal Group can produce stunning multi-dimensional glass trophies and awards in-house, along with other items using the sandblasting technique for personal or commercial use. Our bilingual staff can answer questions regarding custom engraving we perform using the sandblasting process.

Engraved glass trophies are one of our specialties at Régimbal Awards & Promotion.

Etching and Engraving Glass with Sandblasting

Sandblasting produces a permanently etched surface on a variety of materials and with a range of applications.

With over 90 years of experience in the recognition award industry, we have created trophies and plaques for every conceivable landmark, and glass trophies etched or engraved by sandblasting are some of the most esteemed.

Sandblasting begins with the creation of a photo-image stencil of the design to be engraved. The stencil is placed on the surface of the object and the blasting media, sand, is propelled at extremely high pressure to the object. Only the exposed portion of the stencil is engraved or etched, while the covered portion of the object remains safe from the blast.

When carving glass, this sandblasting procedure produces an intricate, uniform design that offers texture and dimension which can’t be achieved with other etching methods.

Many Different Uses for Decorative Sandblasting

Glass trophies might present the most recognizable use of sandcarving available, but there are many other popular examples of sandblasting being used to produce unique glass items – wine glasses and tumblers, mirrors, glass vases –the list could continue indefinitely. There are still additional areas where sandblasting is prevalent:
Architectural Products
Sandblasting glass is responsible for the beautifully detailed and ornate windows, shower doors, front doors, room partitions, tabletops, and other etched glass items one sees in homes or businesses.
Memorial Markers
Materials that sandblasting works best with include stone, granite, and marble. Inscriptions into memorial monuments like headstones, as well as other markers made of stone, make for especially tasteful design elements.
Sandblasted glass can create unforgettable, multi-dimensional signage for different businesses – nobody forgets an intricately carved glass sign lit up at night.

Various Techniques for Sandblasting Glass

In addition to the various materials and styles sandblasting can accommodate, there are also various techniques practiced that are common to glass etching. These include:

  • Surface shading – the surface of the glass is etched to produce a gray, or darker, shade, giving the design a sense of dimension
  • Surface etching – a technique that produces a frosted, or white, look for the design
  • Carving – actual glass engraving, which can be carried out in various stages to create multiple layers
  • Paint Fill – [1] [2]


Sandblasting offers many different ornamental possibilities due to the various materials it can be applied to and for assorted industries.

Let our bilingual staff at Régimbal Group explain our expert in-house production and how we can put our sandblaster to work for you.

Contact Régimbal Group and ask about our sandblast engraving options.

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