Cups & Trophies

The Time Is Always Right for Cups and Trophies

With our long history in crafting recognition awards, plus our extensive inventory and showroom, Régimbal Group has the perfect cups and trophies for every occasion.

Ottawa-based Régimbal Group is a bilingual family-owned recognition award purveyor that has specialized in cups and trophies for over 90 years.

Whether seeking a pre-designed cup from our vast inventory or one of our handcrafted trophies, Régimbal will produce the perfect custom-made award.

Whatever you are looking for in a personalized trophy, we can produce it.

Personalized Options for Custom Cups and Trophies

The bilingual craftspeople at Régimbal Group can create the exact type of award or trophy you are looking for.

In the world of recognition awards, cups and trophies represent success and excellence. The tradition of presenting a trophy or cup to victors originates from Ancient Greece and has been an accepted standard ever since. The personalized trophy continues to be a symbol of distinction.

For over 90 years, Régimbal Group has produced cups and trophies for every occasion, both athletic and corporate. We have selections of pre-designed trophies and cups available in our fully stocked showroom, but we also have the facilities and craftsmanship to create recognition awards with specific requirements.

Each award can be modified with a full-colour logo printed or sublimated directly onto the cup and a message etched or engraved on it. We also have many cup options – including shape, size, and height – and choices of laser-engravable plates that can be affixed to the base.

Whatever you are looking for in a personalized trophy, we can produce it.

Non-Sports Related Ideas for Cups and Trophies

Although cups and trophies are standard recognition awards for sporting events, they can also commemorate any notable occasion. For instance:
Corporate Recognition
The workplace is a great place to award a team for notable achievements. Nothing influences a team like encouragement produced from a personalized recognition award.
Individual Achievement
An achievement trophy, including an individual’s name, a company logo, and a message engraved on the cup can serve as a source of inspiration for the recipient and provide an award they will cherish for a lifetime.
Workplace Programs
With a safety or wellness program implemented in the workplace, leaders can be rewarded with a cup or trophy. This award lets employees know that all of their hard work is being put to good use.

Custom Design Options for Trophies and Cups

Just as there are many opportunities for one to present a personalized cup or trophy, there are also many full-colour UV printing and sublimation image options that our in-house production team can add to awards. Some other design choices include.

  • Figurine: Generally used for athletic recognition, there are also workplace figurines and sculptures such as chef, fireman, and tractor (among others) that are available.
  • Base: The trophy base can be individual or perpetual, determined by whether the award is a one-time event or something that will happen regularly.
  • Engraving: There are different places to include etching or engraving – outside the cup, inside the cup, or on a plate affixed to the base. There is also a choice of font with the message.
  • Sublimation and UV printing: Our in-house production team can print full-colour logos and images on cups and bases using sublimation or the UV process. These techniques allow for sharp, crisp details in full colour and can even reproduce photographs.


Having produced high quality cups and trophies for over 90 years, the bilingual staff at Régimbal Group enjoys collaborating on recognition awards knowing they will inspire someone to even greater achievements.

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