Lapel Pins

The Versatility of Branded Lapel Pins for Promotion

Lapel pins are the perfect accessory item to promote an important message or event.

Lapel pins are the perfect accessory to broadcast a specific message loud and clear.

Whether to promote a brand, endorse a cause, or simply make a general statement, lapel pins are an effective way to communicate a message.

Régimbal Group can produce lapel pins to your specifications in-house, and our bilingual staff can help with overall messaging.

A lapel pin might be small, but it is meant to be noticed.

Why Are Lapel Pins So Effective?

Lapel pins are small, they’re durable, and they get people’s attention – that’s why they are such an effective means of marketing. They can be successful icebreakers and conversation starters – this is especially beneficial when a brand or logo is represented on the pin.

Custom lapel pins can be distributed to business associates and co-workers, or to the general public at trade shows and promotional events. They are an easily fabricated, colourful marketing tool to get a brand or message noticed.

Most Popular Lapel Pin Types

Lapel pins were originally worn through the buttonhole on the left side of a gentleman’s suit jacket. But now, a lapel pin can be worn with anything when aiming to get a message across, advertise a brand, or promote a cause. There are different types of lapel pins to choose from, including:
Die Struck Lapel Pins
This method of manufacturing involves stamping a sheet of metal over a mould and then making pins from the mould. Pins made using this method are usually cast in zinc, brass, or iron, and then plated with polished metal. Die struck lapel pins have an antique look and are often used as recognition awards and to celebrate achievements.
Hard Enamel Lapel Pins
Hard enamel pins are also produced using the die struck method, but this time they are filled with paint and smoothed to shiny perfection. These pins are most suitable for less detailed designs.
Soft Enamel Lapel Pins
This type of pin features recessed enamel and raised metal – giving it a 3D look – then epoxy coating for protection. This is a very popular style due to its versatility and colour opportunities. Soft enamel pins work best for designs with considerable detail.
Photo Dome Lapel Pin
Probably the simplest lapel pin in terms of production, the photo dome captures an image, like a photograph, and reproduces it on metal backing.

Send a Big Message with a Small Pin

The lapel pin has been around for a long time and seems to be making a comeback.

Custom lapel pins can be used for:

  • Advertisement: Hundreds of lapel pins with your full-colour logo and company name can circulate throughout trade shows when given away for free.
  • Recognition: A custom logo lapel pin from a workplace, educational institution, or other organizations will automatically align one with it.
  • Advocacy: A lapel pin is a perfect place to let the world know that a personal or social cause should be recognized.


Lapel pins aren’t just for decoration anymore – they are now a way to communicate something important to the world.

Whether it is a social message or your company’s name, a lapel pin is an effective way to make something known. Régimbal Group can fabricate in-house the right lapel pin with the right message for you.

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