Recognition Medals Acknowledge Achievement and Accomplishment

Award medals aren’t just bronze, silver, or gold anymore.

Almost anything can be printed or engraved on personalized recognition medals. They can be customized for specific occasions and produced using different materials and fabrication techniques.

Régimbal Group has a full showroom of standard sports medals ready for immediate delivery. Our showroom of wide-ranging recognition medals is especially valuable when a last-minute need for commemorative medals occurs.

Our bilingual in-house production team is also able to customize recognition medals to detailed specifications.

You can celebrate a sports victory with custom medals, and you can also celebrate a co-worker, a boss, and even promote your brand.

Designing the right recognition medal is as much fun as receiving one.

Try Something New with Award Medal Designs

Previously, medals were plain, round tokens awarded for merit in athletic events. Now, medals can be fabricated into a variety of shapes and colours and can mark events other than athletic victories.

Workplace achievements, co-workers, and bosses can all be celebrated with customized medals. A business can even promote and market its brand with a medal.

Today’s available fabrication technology allows for unprecedented varieties of choices in medal colours, shapes, and textures. The 4-colour process, sublimation, and UV printing can produce vibrant, realistic images on medals that were previously impossible.

Similarly, the type of surface available for medals has evolved from standard raised or recessed to detailed textures resembling brick, cobblestone, and wood. Besides, thanks to technology, there’s no limit to the shape medals can take. For instance, if a company or team logo is shaped like a tiger, a medal can be fabricated in that unique shape.

There are also various colours, shapes, and sizes available today for recognition medals. The bilingual staff at Régimbal Group can assist in choosing one from our extensive selection, or we can personalize one that fits the event.

Various Uses for Personalized Medals

Medals aren’t only offered in various colours, textures, and shapes – they can also be presented in different formats as well. Some options are:
This is the most traditional presentation, with a medal on a ribbon, cast into an acrylic box, or on a keychain promoting one’s brand.
On a Base
A personalized medal mounted on a base is not only eye-catching but also a handsome addition to a recipient’s desk.
Attached to a Trophy or Cup
This method includes a personalized message etched or engraved on a plate or cup of one’s choice.
Attached to a Plaque
A beautiful choice that can sit on the desk or hang on a wall.

Choosing the Right Medal

Options for recognition medals range from the individual to corporate and can celebrate a significant event or promote one’s brand.

There are also several other medal options to consider:

  • Materials: Medals can be fabricated from metal, mylar, PVC, iron, plastic, acrylic, and other materials.
  • Manufacturing method: Medals can be die-cast, die struck, or spin cast, all offering a different look and texture.
  • Relief: There are choices of a flat medal, with a mylar inlay or a sublimated photo, or a 2D, 3D, or enameled medal with recesses.


There are numerous options available when choosing a commemorative medal and many opportunities for doing something creative that the recipient will always remember.

The expert bilingual team at Régimbal Group can help you choose a selection from our well-stocked showroom and guide you through the steps of personalizing the medal of your choice.

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