Work Wear

Custom Work Wear That Gets The Job Done!

When working outdoors in tough weather conditions, you want durable, long-lasting outerwear that you can depend on. That doesn’t mean your workwear can’t look great too!

Personalized work clothing from Régimbal will bring attention to your brand while outfitting your crew in comfortable, durable work uniforms.

Régimbal Creates Personalized Workwear That Looks Great In Every Weather Condition.

Branded Workwear For All Seasons

Whether braving harsh climates of Canadian winters or demanding conditions of industrial work, Régimbal can dress you for safety, comfort, and style.

Just as our work demands a lot from us, we demand a lot from our workwear. Work uniforms need to handle any job at any time. This doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style for safety. Custom branded workwear can tell the world that you are here, and you are on the job.

Quality and durability are paramount concerns for all work uniforms. However, there is no reason branded workwear cannot provide comfort and visibility.

We specialize in personalized work clothing, such as work shirts with your logo, embroidered polo shirts, and other custom work uniforms to help your business stand proud in a crowded field of competitors.

Do not let the opportunity for higher visibility pass you by. Get started with your custom work wear today.

Our Partners Work As Hard As We Do

Part of our success is that we partner with the most reputable suppliers working today. Many of our partners have been in business as long as we have. With over 90 years of experience, Régimbal knows how to do branding right.

Your jobs require dependable workwear for every occasion, and with Régimbal you’ll know your work uniforms are going to last. Plus, they will look great too.

These are a few of the qualities that you can expect from our personalized work clothing.

Whether work is in the forest, in a field, on a train, or in a mine, we can fit you into custom work wear that will provide safety and protection from impossible conditions.
You want personalized work clothing that lasts a long time. Our partners specialize in durable outerwear that will outlast extremes in temperature and climate.
Work uniforms in demanding conditions must be dependable, but they should be comfortable too. Our personalized work clothing not only provides the protection you need but offers functionality and comfort as well.
Many work uniforms rely on the same basic looks we’ve all seen before. Régimbal can dress your team to outshine competitors in branded workwear they will be proud to have on.

Higher Standards Of Safety And Comfort

Workers need to feel unencumbered while on the job. Firefighters, construction professionals, and commercial fishers all need protection from the elements. They also need the ability to move quickly and freely. Their work uniforms cannot interfere with performance and must meet stringent safety standards. Régimbal can meet those benchmarks and still deliver comfort and flair.

Our in-house production team uses the following techniques to personalize your branded workwear:

  • Sublimation – A process of dyeing fabrics using heat-sensitive printing transfer.
  • Silkscreen – Ink transfer of a particular graphic or logo onto a clothing item.
  • Embroidery – Custom automated stitching with needles and thread on your apparel.


From insulated outerwear to industrial rainwear, from head protection to specialty work gloves, work t-shirts to chef hats, Régimbal can fit you with personalized work clothing that is both functional and fashionable.

You can count on Régimbal for:


Our partners are as concerned with exceptional quality as we are

Bilingual Personalized Services

Our staff can assist in both French and English

Timely Production

We will work with you to provide the fastest production possible due to our in-house production capabilities

Family Owned & Operated

The Régimbal group is a 4th generation family-owned and operated company that has been serving Ottawa for over 95 years.

Production on location

Our Ottawa facility is over 8,000 sq. ft. and is equipped with embroidery machines, screen printing and digital printing equipment, as well as engraving equipment.

Design Department

Controlling turn around times and quality is a key part to our values, our in house designers can make all your dreams come true.