UV Printing

UV Printing is State-of-the-Art

Among the many printing options Régimbal Group offers is UV printing.

Ultraviolet (UV) printing is a modern technology that originated as a way to quickly dry nail polish on manicures.

Eventually, UV digital printing was on various types of paper and is now used on such non-porous substrates as plastic, acrylic, foils, metals, canvas, textiles, and almost anything that can fit into a printer.

UV printing has become popular because of its versatility and durability – it can be used on everything from beer bottles to promotional tech accessories to clothing.

The bilingual in-house production team at Régimbal Group can help you decide which UV printing choices are right for you.

Ultraviolet printing uses a much different process than standard printing.

What Makes UV Printing Different?

UV digital printing, also known as UV direct printing, has become popular because it can print on 3D items by using a special UV ink. It also uses a non- conventional type of curing.

UV inks are not solvent-based and are prepared to dry quickly. Known as dual-state inks, they are solids that stay in a liquid form until introduced to UV light. The UV light instantly cures – or dries – the ink instantly.

Because UV inks are solvent-free, they produce lower volatile organic compounds, meaning they are more environmentally friendly. The photochemical process of UV lighting dries the ink immediately, meaning it doesn’t evaporate as conventional inks do.

The rapid drying also makes for a quick turnaround time on UV printing projects.

Some Benefits of UV Printing

Despite being such a recently developed technology, UV printing is becoming popular for many different innovations, including:
Because UV inks dry so promptly under UV lights, there is less dot gain, creating especially vibrant, accurate, and detailed images. This also allows for clearer text when printing words, like a company name, on promotional items.
Since the ink does not absorb into the item printed, its quick drying time prevents it from scratching, smudging, or rubbing off. It is more resistant to fading over time, which works well for outside signage. The lack of absorption also helps with image detail and clarity.
The quick dry time and lack of solvents not only keep emissions from entering the atmosphere, but the use of UV lights in place of standard drying methods uses less energy overall. UV printing also creates almost no carbon footprint.
The quick dry time leading to a quick turnaround time does not compromise quality. However, UV printing is more effective with low runs rather than large-scale projects.

UV Printing Is Adaptable and Unique

UV printing isn’t as readily available as many other printing processes, but here at Régimbal Group, we have the equipment and the experience to apply UV printing to a many items, such as:

  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic
  • Synthetic paper
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Foil
  • Leather
  • Resins
  • Glass


UV printing is a method adaptable to many different substrates and textures and works well with everything from clothing to electronic items.

Come visit our showroom at Régimbal Group and let our bilingual team introduce you to our extensive selection of promotional items and gift ideas. Our in-house production team can apply UV printing of personal names to company logos on them.

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