Plastic Signs

Custom Plastic Signs Share Important Information

The perfect small plastic sign is a quick way to get important messages across in a small amount of space.   

Interior signage should be durable, adaptable, and able to clearly communicate crucial information in a small amount of space.

Door signs, restroom signs, wayfinding signs, and other indoor plastic signs are essential for directing visitors and customers to desired locations with a minimum of effort.

With over 90 years of experience, Régimbal Group knows what it takes to get people’s attention and communicate a clear message. Our bilingual staff can help you choose from the large stock of directional, informational, or safety signs in our showroom, and our in-house production team can engrave or imprint your custom plastic signs today.

Custom plastic signs can be fabricated in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes.

Plastic Signs Are Both Practical and Adaptable

Custom plastic signs have been an effective form of information for a long time. They are essential for providing direction and for labelling. Plastic signs can be personalized for doors and offices, and larger signs can be produced for walls.

There are choices of plastic thickness, types of plastic, types of finish, and font style. There are also choices of colour – for example, should the signage match the colour scheme of the rooms it will be occupying, and should the font replicate the company’s branding or letterhead?

Wall signs can be fabricated in any range of colours, as well as in clear or frosted acrylic. They can also be mounted in a variety of ways, depending on the size and shape of the sign and its desired presentation. Choices include mounting tape, magnet, or Velcro for smaller signs, but larger signs can use a variety of stand-offs or screw caps.

The in-house production team at Régimbal Group can fabricate a custom plastic sign to meet the specifications of any business or office.

Plastic Signs Are Effective In Any Location

Plastic signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Here are some locations custom plastic signs are put to use:
Parking Lots
Plastic signs of various sizes are often placed in parking lots and structures to provide direction, discourage non-patrons, and regulate wayfinding.
Office Spaces
Horizontal engraved plastic nameplates on desks add a sophisticated touch to the office. They can also be used as matching nameplates on the door or wall outside the office.
Trade Shows
Trade shows and promotional events require directional and informational signage, but also provide excellent opportunities for brand marketing. Personalized plastic signs at trade events can elicit new clients and expand business contacts for the future.
Retail Locations
Signs offer a sense of direction for people unacquainted with the location. Indoor plastic signs promote new products, draw attention to special items, and also announce point-of-purchase areas.

Plastic Signs are Durable and Versatile

Custom plastic signs are functional and easy to maintain. They have a variety of applications that demonstrate their versatility and effectiveness.
Régimbal Group has the in-house facilities to fabricate plastic signs in any size and shape required.
Plastic signs can consist of:

  • High-grade PVC plastic – rigid, long-lasting, easy to personalize
  • Corrugated plastic – lightweight, economical, good indoors and outdoors
  • Acrylic – sturdy, elegant, weather-resistant

Let the bilingual staff at Régimbal Group show you the prefabricated signs we have in our showroom, or suggest something from our in-house production team.

Contact Régimbal Group to help you choose the materials and design your next plastic sign.

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