Screen Printing

Why Screen Printing Is Still the Most Popular Method to Print a T-Shirt

Régimbal Group can screen print in both high volume and high quality.

Screen printing, also commonly referred to as silk-screen printing, is one of the oldest graphic printing techniques in existence. For years, it was the only method used to apply graphics to clothing and could only be performed by hand.

Now, there are commercial screen-printing machines that produce more shirts in an hour than a single person could produce in a week.

At Régimbal Group, our two ROQ screen-printing machines can produce over 50,000 high-quality screen-printed shirts per week.

Régimbal takes care of the screen printing details so you can just enjoy your shirts.

Screen Printing Is Simple, but There Are Many Details

Traditionally produced by hand, screen printing is a time-consuming process. Even now, when computer technology and high-powered screen-printing machines increase the speed of production, custom screen printing can still be complicated. However, it remains one of the most effective methods of creating graphic art on clothing, and one of the most reliable.

After deciding what to print, the design is transferred into a computer file, which is then transformed into a fine-mesh screen. The screen is placed onto the machine where ink is pressed through a fine-meshed screen with a squeegee over the design. This transfers the design to the item of clothing.

Screen Printing Processes that Make the Most of Your Garment

There are different printing processes and types of ink to use. These include:
Plastisol combines PVC resin and plasticizer to create ink. Plastisol is the most widely used screen-printing ink in North America and is the most popular due to its versatility. It works on all fabric colours and is generally preferred for dark-coloured garments. Dark-coloured garments receive a white underbase that will keep the design colours vibrant and accurate. An underbase is not necessary for light-coloured garments. Plastisol does not dye the fabric but wraps around the threads and then bonds to them, giving the appearance of a slightly raised design.
Water-based inks have a lower viscosity than plastisol inks and retain a long-lasting colour print. Water-based inks are known for their breathability and their resilience and are a good match with more delicate garments.
Discharge screen printing uses discharge ink to eliminate the dye in the garment’s fabric. Once the discharge process removes a fabric’s original pigment, the new colour chosen becomes part of the shirt itself. This allows for a softer feel and is often used to give a vintage look to custom t-shirts.
This process uses a special type of adhesive ink to print the original design, and then foil is heat-pressed onto that design. The result is a unique appearance with a metallic finish.

Screen Printing Is Not Just for T-shirts

Screen printing has maintained its popularity for so long because it is such an effective medium to transfer graphic art onto a garment. Although largely seen on t-shirts, screen printing also works well on:

  • Hoodies
  • Polo shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tank tops
  • Outerwear
  • Raglan
  • Button-down shirts


Logos can also be screen printed on clothing items like hats and caps, and non-clothing items like tote bags and beach towels.

Régimbal Group remains one of the highest volume custom t-shirt printing businesses in Canada. Trust us to screen print your company, organization, or team logo on a garment.

Contact the bilingual support team at Régimbal Group to find out what screen-printing options are best for you.

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