Branded Electronics That Will Keep Your Name in the Spotlight

Electronics are more popular than ever, and Régimbal Group can expertly place your logo on high-quality promotional tech accessories.

Most people use electronic products in one form or another, whether laptops, cell phones, televisions, or smart watches.

That’s why marketing your brand with promotional tech accessories is such a worthwhile investment. Branded electronic items are popular with everyone because they make very usable gifts.

Régimbal Group has been in the branding business for over 90 years, and we plan on being here for the next 90. Our bilingual in-house production staff is here to help your business get the promotional exposure it needs.

From trade shows to the workplace, people should see your brand.

Promotional Items to Get Their Attention

Drawing attention to your brand can be difficult in a world with so much advertising. That is why promoting your brand with popular tech accessories is such a resourceful strategy.

Whether planning giveaways at trade shows, corporate events, fundraisers, or school functions, branded electronic promotional items get people’s attention.

When recipients use these products daily, your brand will be front and centre each time.

Some Popular Choices for Electronics Branding

Some of the most popular tech accessories for branding right now are:
Compact Rechargeable Power Bank
Lightweight and portable UL certified rechargeable lithium phone charger. Small enough to easily store, but large enough to imprint a noticeable company logo. Great products for donating, gifting, or raffling off.
USB-Powered LED Light
LED reading lights that plug into a computer’s USB Port. Adjustable by twisting and available in many colours. Prominently displays your logo so that people won’t forget it.
Speaker Bottle
The best of both worlds – a reusable water bottle with a rechargeable two-watt speaker on the bottom. Bottle includes hands-free speakerphone and colour-changing LED lights. A unique promotional item that offers hydration and music at the same time – a perfect way to get your brand to outdoor activity enthusiasts.
USB Flash Drives
There is a large variety of these to choose from in many different styles and memory capacities. They are among the most popular branding tools available.

Promoting Your Brand Through Electronics

One of the best things about branded electronics and promotional tech accessories is that there are so many possibilities to choose from. Everything from charging cables to selfie drones is available for branding with your name and logo.

We at Régimbal Group know how important your brand is to you. We commit to ensuring you approve of your logo placement and its appearance. Our in-house production team uses only the finest processes to bring your brand to life, such as:

  • Laser engraving – image cut directly into the surface with a laser beam
  • Sublimating – dying process where ink heats into the material
  • UV printing – ultraviolet light dries the special ink immediately producing a sharp, detailed image
  • Pad printing – ink stamped from silicone pad, especially useful for concave or rigid surfaces
  • Diamond engraving – like laser engraving, but with a diamond graver for extremely detailed, precise incision


Promoting your business or organization through branded electronics and personalized tech accessories is a risk-free way to spread your name throughout the public. The bilingual staff at Régimbal Group can help you choose which branded electronics work best for your brand.

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