Here is our process for the highly popular laser wrench, leatherette patch. Fortunately for you, they come in a variety of textures. Plus we do them in our production facility here. 


Step 1: Ensure that all the details line up and meet your expectations.

As always, everything starts off with you and our art team working together and making sure that everything is designed and comes out as you wish. Once we’ve dabbled in there and make some tweaks of the settings, we are ready to put the sheet of leatherette inside of the laser. 


Step 2: Adjust measurements

We adjust the heights, make sure that everything is sound and ready to go, and then we transition back to the computer, make our final, final tweaks and settings to make sure that we’re ready to send to production. 


Step 3: Ready to go

Once it’s done, we open the laser up, we grab all the individual pieces as they’ve been all cut individually. And then two options. We either add a glue back into the back in order for them, for them to be heat pressed right onto, a hat or something else is to go to our embroidery department and embroider them directly on the hat. Choice is yours. 



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