Learn how to sandblast awards with this easy-to-follow guide. From start to finish, we’ll show you how everything is done.


Step 1: Create custom mock-ups 

So essentially we start everything off by the computer, where we take your artwork, we mock everything up, have it approved by you. 


Step 2: Transfer the images into a mask film

We move over to the printer where we do a film with all of your artwork on it. Then we take that film, we expose it for a period of time where it gets the images to be transferred inside of the mask film that will actually have your reverse artwork in it. 


Step 3: Ready for presentation

We apply it to the award. We mask off the area that needs to be protected from the sand last, and we bring it to our sandblasting. Once it’s been dried, we clean it up, close it up, box it up, and then already to be presented to the ted, the award.


Who wants the award to be blasted? Grab an award out. Bring it to the club, uncap everything. 


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