Learn how to make beautiful full color UV acrylic awards with this easy guide.

Step 1: Mock-up designs

As you know, we’ve got our art department that can mock up and prep everything for you. Then once all of that’s prepped and done in the computer, there’s a bunch of small steps in order to make sure that the artwork is ready for the actual machine and being full color printed. 


Step 2: Ensure that your settings are properly set up !

Once those complicated steps are done, we actually move to the unit where we’ll be putting the award in. Then we also have to make sure that our settings are properly set up on the machine over here. Once that’s done, now we’re kind of ready to get the full color printing. 


Step 3: Ready for presentation

Once that’s all finished and it’s done doing its thing, we lift the door open, we grab the award out of there, and when we move to the other station, so now as you can see, we’ve just got the top part of the award in our hands.  We actually need to apply the base on there. 

Take this solution that we have here, dip it in, in order to let it soak up a little bit. We place the top on the base in order for it to be nicely lined up. 

Let it stand and dry for a little bit. Once that’s nice and dried, we clean it all up. We box it up for you, and it’s ready to be presented, the recipient. 


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