Having an acrylic award laser etched is the perfect way to personalize any gift or trophy. This process applies consistent precision and detail that could not be achieved with another traditional method. 


Step 1: Decide on the desired deep carve text, artwork, or logo that you want etched onto your design

This is the process on having an acrylic award laser etched. Everything starts off by our art team and you collaborating on how you want your award done. Everything is done through the laser machine. 


Step 2: Adjust measurements

We adjust heights every, make sure that everything is placed in order for it to etch properly. We close the unit and then send the design off to the laser. And since the acrylic award comes in, two parts without the base plus, but not least, is attaching the base to the acrylic award. 


Step 3: Ready for presentation

Essentially, we take the award, top of the award. We dip it in a solution, which is gonna allow it to adhere to the bottom. Once that’s done, it’s ready to go. We box it up, clean it up, and it’s ready to present to the recipient.



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