Ever wonder how your custom laser engraved coffee mug is made? 

Printing on bottles and coffee mugs can be a complicated process that stores don’t often carry the capability to do. Our team is an exception to this, happily taking in artwork and prepping it for our laser machine, handling everything until the custom job is finished and ready to use. 

Step 1: Prepare the artwork

So essentially everything starts off by our art team, taking your artwork, prepping everything on the computer in order for it to be art ready for the lasering machine. We take it from the computer. We walk over here, we prep the bottle, we unpack everything. 


Step 2: Place it in the machine

Once we unpack them all, we open the laser, we place the bottle in there, the bottle or coffee mug in there, place it in, lock it in, close the unit back up. Press start. Let the machine do its work. 


Step 3: Pick up your personalized product

Once it’s done. We open the laser up again. We grab the bottle, or coffee out of there. We clean it all off. We pack it up, and then once that’s all done, it’s ready for you to use and enjoy your hot coffee in there. 


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