Custom Embroidery Gives Companies or Team Logos a Touch of Class

Embroidered clothing is a high-quality and sophisticated way to capitalize on brand recognition.

Commercial embroidery takes the conventional process of sewing with a needle and thread and modernizes it by accelerating the process immeasurably. All of the custom embroidery designs seen on clothing, blankets, and bags are the work of commercial embroidery machines.

At Régimbal Group, our bilingual in-house production team utilizes two ZSK six-head, one ZSK eight-head, and 1 ZSK single-head embroidery machines that transform any artwork or image into a custom embroidered product. We digitize various vector file types into DST or EMB files and create a high-quality embroidered product that suits an organization’s needs. 

Custom embroidery draws attention to a company or team logo at work, at play, or at leisure.

Embroidered Clothing Gives Detail to a Company or Team Logo

Customizing corporate wear, workwear, or team apparel makes the public alert to a brand. However, there are many factors to resolve before making a final decision on how a logo appears on clothing.

For example, a logo could be applied through sublimation, screen printing, silk screening, heat transfer, or any number of other options. Although all of these methods can deliver an excellent product, embroidered clothing has a rich, detailed look that accentuates a logo in ways other techniques can’t.

Embroidered shirts, hats, or jackets suggest that one’s brand pays close attention to detail. Embroidered clothing also provides something to take pride in wearing, whether it is in the office, on the field, or out in public. Embroidery adds a touch of class to any design.

The Embroidery Digitization and Production Process

To produce truly unique machine embroidery designs, the in-house production team at Régimbal Group uses advanced methods such as:
Logo Digitization
This is the first step in making sure a company logo looks as close as possible to the original. A vector file of the logo is digitized into a DST or EMB file. The embroidery machine reads this digital file and sews the logo with a high degree of proficiency and detail.
Custom Thread Colours
Giving the logo a lustrous finish requires expert stitching and knowledgeable thread colour blending. This involves using strong, superior thread and knowing how to match it to the fabric. We accomplish this in-house at Régimbal, and to make sure we reproduce the logo as accurately as possible; we can use custom thread colours if required.
3D Puff Foam
If a logo requires a 3D appearance, we suggest puff embroidery. high density foam. Puff embroidery raises the logo, so it is elevated above the base fabric. Monogrammed items and athletic caps often use this method. 3D puff foam embroidery will literally give apparel a whole new dimension.

Leave the Stitching to Us for Extraordinary Custom Embroidery

Machine embroidery designs can add that extra bit of class to a company or team logo and can enhance standard team or work apparel into something a little more special.

Some of the clothing that embroidery designs work well with are:

  • Caps and hats
  • Jackets
  • Polo shirts and golf shirts
  • Dress shirts
  • Athletic wear
  • Sweatshirts
  • Denim
  • Stockings


Embroidery is also good on non-clothing items, such as:

  • Duffel bags
  • Sports bags
  • Blankets
  • Pillowcases
  • Towels


With the embroidery machines at Régimbal Group, we can apply embroidery designs in-house to clothing or other items, for work, as gifts, or as promotional items.

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