Sublimation Printing Produces Long-Lasting Designs for Clothing and Other Items

Régimbal Group can produce fantastic apparel and other gift items using the sublimation printing process.

Sublimation printing, sometimes called dye-sublimation printing, is a technique that not only works on t-shirts and other clothing but also on various hard items, such as cards, metals, drinking cups, and more.

Sublimation printing is popular because it produces a long-lasting print and can reproduce photographic details with a high degree of accuracy.

Régimbal Group produces items such as clothing, promotional giveaways, and gifts using our in-house sublimation process. Our bilingual staff can guide you through our extensive showroom with many types of items we can apply sublimation printing to.

Sublimation printing is a unique process that creates a distinctive product.

Why Sublimation Printing Is So Successful

You can achieve dye sublimation through printing onto a substrate through heat and pressure.

To begin, a design is printed onto sublimation paper with special sublimation ink. The sublimation paper is then heat pressed onto the substrate of whatever item is being designed – it could be a t-shirt or something else. If it is a shirt, the ink doesn’t just sit on top of the garment – the ink and the design physically bond to the shirt.

This bonding process is one of the reasons people prefer sublimation to many other design transfers – there is little risk of the design’s colours fading or cracking from wear. The fabric and the sublimation ink are permanently bonded, which creates a long-lasting clothing item. However, the garment needs to be made of synthetic fabric for the bonding to be successful. Sublimation will not work with an all-cotton shirt.

The trick to sublimation ink is that it transforms from gas to solid when heated, which produces the molecule reaction that bonds the ink to the fabric.

Some Unique Details about Sublimation Printing

There are many reasons why sublimation printing is so popular among printers, including:
All-Over Printing
Sublimation printing is also known as “all-over printing” because the design doesn’t need to be in the centre front of the shirt like many heat-transfer designs are printed – sublimation allows a design to be printed from seam to seam. In other words, the design can cover the entire front and back of a shirt.
Accuracy and Detail
Because the dye-sublimation process can reproduce graphics and colours so accurately, it is possible to print an actual photograph on a shirt or other item. The thrill of having a personal photograph on an article of clothing is one thing, but to also be able to print it onto a coffee mug, water bottle, jigsaw puzzle, or other gift items is something most people don’t realize they can do.
Environmental Benefits
Because of the specially formulated sublimation ink, dye-sublimation printing uses no water. It also requires very little energy to print.

Personalize Anything You Like with Sublimation Printing

Although dye-sublimation printing is primarily associated with t-shirts, there are hundreds of additional items that benefit from this process as well. For example:

  • Coasters
  • Mousepads
  • ID cards
  • Athletic gear
  • Plaques
  • Tech accessories


And almost anything that is bonded with a plastic substrate.

The 1,500 sq. ft. showroom at Régimbal Group includes hundreds of promotional items, corporate awards, and recognition plaques – along with a variety of apparel – that we can put through our sublimation printer immediately.

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